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The parent company of Hyundai Department Store being the leader of distribution industry in Korea is Kumgang Development Industry which was an affiliate of Hyundai Group in 1971. It opened Hyundai Shopping Center in Dong-gu, Ulsan in 1978, and it opened the era of premium department stores as it opened Hyundai Department Store in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul in 1985.

Hyundai Department Store Group which progressively expanded its business to home shopping, cable TV and meal service, etc. after spin-off of affiliation from Hyundai Group in 1999, it has grown to a leading comprehensive living culture enterprise in Korea as it has expanded its business territory to fashion, general food, total living, rental, construction equipment and up to cosmetics since 2010s.

The step of Hyundai Department Store Group to become the most trusted enterprise under the mission ‘Bring Happiness to the Customers and to enrich the World’ will be continued.

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We have a Mission to bring Happiness

to the Customers and to enrich the World


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to be the most trusted Company by the Customers



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  • Customer-oriented


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About Hyundai L&C

About Hyundai L&C

Hyundai L&C interior

Hyundai L&C being a total interior enterprise of Hyundai Department Store Group has grown as a representative enterprise in Korea specializing in building materials since its foundation in 1965.

It runs the business of various building materials including high-class interior stones and various surface finishing materials based on eco-friendly interior film manufacturing technology, trendy style wall papers and flooring materials, and up to windows & doors of grade 1 energy saving technology, and it is strengthening the status as the ‘total living interior enterprise’ by providing one-stop services from counseling to delivery, construction and after-sales service through operation of directly-managed interior store.

Also, Hyundai L&C has expanded the territory of the market by establishing overseas branches beyond Korea throughout the world including, but not limited to, Canada and the United States, Europe, China and India, and it is accelerating penetration of the global market by establishing cooperation relationships with a variety of global enterprises, etc.

Since becoming the new family of Hyundai Department Store Group in 2018, Hyundai L&C will lead the future life by analyzing and forecasting the lifestyles of customers and design trends in order to make happier and richer world for customers. It will also create a new interior culture with its strong global network, excellent human resources and advanced technical skills.



Hyundai L&C interior

New Beginnings for Hyundai L&C


Sep. 2022
Build the second factory of Hanstone
Oct. 2020
Established an India Salees Corporation
Dec. 2018
Be incorporated Hyundai D/S Group, Changed the company name to Hyundai L&C Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2018
Established a new office in India
Oct. 2017

Expanded manufacturing lines for the factory in Canada

Opened the exhibition site, Gallery Q(Seoul, Korea)

Jul. 2017
Established a joint-venture with Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces
Aug. 2015
Founded the HLEU European sales corporation
Seperated the construction materials department in Hanwha L&C, founded a new corporation
Apr. 2014
Awarded the Korean Premium Brand Prize for three consecutive years for the Hanstone Quartz
Jun. 2013
Established the integrated VOC(Voice Of Customer) System
Launched the expert consumer panel, "Elen"
Opened the Hanstone Quartz exhibition site

Changing with Creative Innovation of Hyundai L&C


Aug. 2009
Established a "Hanstone Quartz" manufacturing factory in Canada
Feb. 2009
Established the HLTS Shanghai Sales Corporation
Dec. 2007
Established Hanwha L&C Canada Inc., a manufacturing corporation in Canada
Changed the company name and CI from Hanwha General Chemicals Co., Ltd. to Hanwha L&C Co., Ltd.
Jun. 2005
Acquired NSF51 certification from the US Public Health Service for "Hanex"
Jun. 2004
Acquired environment certification mark (for interior flooring materials)
Sep. 2003
Signed contract to introduce engineered stone technology/facilities
Awarded Financial Management Prize (Korea Financial Management Association)
Jan. 2002
Established ABM SYSTEM, acquired K-OH 18001 certification (for the factory in Jinhae)
Nov. 2001
Designated as an environmentally-friendly company, acquired KOSHA 2000 certification for Bugang factory
Apr. 2000
Expanded manufacturing facilities for scagliola and rigid sheets

Growth of Hyundai L&C


Sep. 1999
Divided into Hanwha General Chemicals Co., Ltd. and Hanwha Chemical Co., Ltd.
Acquired ISO 9001 certificate
Oct. 1994
Changed company name to Hanwha General Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Oct. 1991
Installed emerald manufacturing facilities in the Bugang factory Installed a T-Die extruder in the Jinhae factory

Growth of Hyundai L&C


Dec. 1988
Installed rigid sheet manufacturing facilities in the Bugang factory
May. 1988
Korea Plastic Industries Co., Ltd. Merged with Hanyang Chemicals
May. 1986
Installed PVC windows manufacturing facilities in the Bugang factory
Apr. 1984
Installed PVC tile manufacturing facilities in the Bugang factory
Jan. 1984
Merger of three companies : Hanyang Chemicals, Korea Chemicals, and Hanyang Chemical District Co., Ltd.
Installed Goldleum manufacturing facilities in the Jinhae factory

One Step Toward Becoming Hyundai L&C


Established Korea Plastic Industries Co., Ltd.

The Beginning of Hyundai L&C


Jul. 1968
Established a PVC factory in Jinhae
Established a PVC factory in Bugang
Established Korea Hwaseong Industries
Hyundai L&C introduce Video